Friday, May 11, 2012


Flavor is coming to San Francisco BAy Area this weekend.I am very excited. * Doing my Happy Dance*

Saturday, April 10, 2010


 Dear readers, due to technical problems especially with the comment box, i would like to introduce my new blog so this blog will no longer have any postings.

introducing the blog of the alter ego and myself.Thanks.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


The news gets funnier everyday. I woke up to read the news on MSN this morning and i saw a caption sayin "Its Official, Obama is black" Duhhhhhh!!! Seeing him for the first time what would one categorize him as? Asian? Caucasian?Waoh. His skin is black, he has features of a negro, his wife is black,his kids have no trace of being "not black" so were did people get the notion that he wont be black. He is the first African American to be in the White House so doesnt that signify he is black? he officially became black according to Census when he checked off African American in the Race Classification box and he did the same for the rest of the members of his family which includes his wife,children and mother in law.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Okay now, Erykah Badu is one of my weirdest singers and that was before lady Gag came along. Her music might be inspiring to some but her uniqueness comes with her style, her approach, the way she dresses up and ties her head wroaps and al. That is the first thing i thinlk of when i see Erykah Badu and in the year 2010 she decided to go nude. She was trying to pass a message across which is breaking the norm. JFK was assasinated about 40yrs ago where she filmed the video. And??? The gunshot in the end, trying to prove what point?
Well nudity in a video where you are trying to pass a message across is no message, the lesson learned or message she passed across is the response to how she looks without her clothes, i am tired of the "booty" "booty" phrase, thats all i hear when Erykah Badu's video is talked about. "Did you see that booty? She has been hiding it in all those clothes all this while" The video might have had some video privacy censor, i saw some of that in some parts of the video but it doesn't explain or change the fact that the message in the video was nudity.Plain and simple!!!!!!!!! Maybe thats my own opinion.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


There are people in life that would hurt you so much you don't know what to do, and one thing i have realised is that, it is the people that we love that hurt us the most so i have one question. Should i forget or get even. Forgetting might sound easy but the pain is there and getting even may be fun at first until you realise that you are hurtig yourself. I don't know what to think.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God i have officially added another year to my current age. I am grateful for my life and the wonderful people that are in it. I am thankful for the immediate members of my family and my friends, to those top 20 people that have written on my wall before my day started thanks to the time zone, i will specially thank you all on my blog. Chichi Oraukwu, Chinny Onu,Adunola Okupe, Motunde Femi Pearse,Uju Abah, Yetunde Olowoyeye, Anita Umebese, Temitope Oloketuyi, Labake Awosusi, Oyeyemi Fajemirokun,Kele Utubor, Tundun Onileere, Sonia Joe,Tolu Babalola, Tope Shoga, Amaka Ezekwe, Katherine Enchill, Funsho David Cole,Stella Isokariari and Joseph Fagbamila. Thank you so much for your birthday wishes and i wish you God's blessings as you wish me the same. To everyone else who did after the top twenty you are loved and my Dave and Buster's accomplices, Dayo, Chinelo, Fadeke, Aisoso, Uche, Ann, Azuka, Soco, John, Uwa, Bisola, Jackie, Tope and lastly my brother, thanks so much for everything.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Hmmm, those good old naija days we endured a lot of beating and deety(dirty) slaps. As a child back then when i was growing up you don't want your parents to tell you the same thing twice especially when the second time lands you a slap on the face or an unexpected beating from behind. Those were the days when the rod was not spared. The phrase spare the rod and spoil the child doesn't apply to a lot of nigerian parents espeically mine. My dad had a way with words especially when he spared the rod but this child was not spoiled. There are some things that your parents would say that would hurt worse than being beaten,my dad had that as his weapon but my mom on the other hand would just throw one dirty slap that would let your wisdom teeth take a walk out of your mouth.

Usually it didnt just end at home , in school ,you had teachers that would intimidate you with their canes and that alone was scary. Canes of all sizes would sit behind the teachers table waiting for one ripe buttocks to flog. Back then i would have endured punishment to those canes, and there was this myth that the thinner canes hurt more than the thicker and fatter ones. It didn't matter. Never be afraid of the weapon ,be afraid of the person holding the weapon. I can take a thick and a thin cane and flog a kid and it wont hurt but if i decide to flog you out of frustration or annoyance you can as well call yourself dead meat. Some teachers were just plain mean. I remember back then when we had this mean math teacher in Primary six, if you get anything less than 15 out of 20, you are dead meat and he gave more strokes of cane if you got more questions wrong, imagine if you got 2 out of 20, 18 deadly strokes of those his canes that God knows where he got them from.

In the Western world it is a lot ddifeerent, the breed of kids in this generation makes wonders really never end,i watch some little brats come to my job and act up and their mothers behave like the kids are remote controlling them such a scenario as this

A kid is playing with a wig and acting the fool meanwhile there is a sign on the glass that say

"PLEASE CONTROL YOUR KIDS". And then the mother reads it and this is the kind of conversation that ensues

Mother: Honey put the wig down

CHILD: (still acting the fool) NO!

Mother: I said put the wig down

CHILD: No (starts throwing a fit)

Mother: Be quiet i said put the wig down

CHILD: No, you be quiet (tantrums and then throws the wig on the floor)

ME: (silent thought: you are so freaking lucky you are not my kid, i would have marinaded your ass in the store and given it to yo daddy for dinner, better put that s*** away and get your little behind on the floor)

Mother: Oh dear, i need to take him home he needs a nap, he is getting grouchy.

Me: (silent thought: only grouchy)

Another scenario is some hispanic lady who came to the store with her little kid and the little girl was playing with the hair dye bottles and putting it in her mouth,my coworker saw her and told her nicely not to play with the bottles and the mother acted like she had earphones on, she didn't correct her kid , next thing the girl was opening the bottle and then my coworker intervened again

COWORKER: Put the color down, don't play with it.

MOTHER: You don't have to yell at my daughter.

COWORKER: I am not yelling at her, can't you see she is playing with the hair dye. She was just about to drink it.

MOTHER: She is just a little girl, if you wanted to talk to her you should have said so nicely and by the way english is her first language.

Bamm!!!!!!!! Right there, a fifth grade is definitely smarter than this lady. What does first language have to do with simple obedience?

Like for real, i have seen some mothers make some lame excuses for their really bad kids. If your kid is acting up, its not because he or she needs a nap, they don't even need to get one, whoop their little behinds. I believe the reason why i act responsible is the fact that i got whooped as a child and it helped my thinking and choices. Its not abuse, i believe that sometimes those once in a while whoopings just help the children to know not to repeat that same act again and know when to behave. If my kid acted funky in the grocery store, i would beat daytime savings out of that kid, you cant just display embarrassing behavior in public and then try to make excuses for it. If you keep making excuses for your kids behavior they would never become responsible for anything. You would continue to do stuff for them because they are so dependent on your excuses, the stupid ones you make for them.

Practical parents who know how to instill discipline in their kids can do so without whooping them, it may come in form of taking something that the child values a lot or just some sort of punishment thats the sparing of the rod and spoinling the child. It can work either way but it depends on the child. Children learn as they grow and experiences make them wiser. Experiences such as putting your hand in a flame and knowing it would burn you.There is nothing wrong with correcting kids. I would never whoop my kids just becuase ...,but if it is a corrective measure i won't mind doing it but there are other ways,but our African parents, i give them kudos.
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

1st Position

One thing i love about Nigerians is the fact that we are ambitious. We always want the best in life. Naturally who wouldn't ....but it gets to the stage whereby the best professions are Law, Medicine and Engineering,.. Everything else just doesn't count and we have parents that push those things into our heads they will say stuff like "See Aunty Betty's daughter, she is a medical doctor or Uncle Tunde's son is a pharmacist do you know where he works, he is making a lot of money." Another common 1st position categroy for ambitious nigerians is driving top class cars like Mercedes Benz or BMW. I have also taken note that many Nigerians love Japanese cars, Infiniti, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Lexus, Acura and the likes, those are relatively top of the class sort, Hummers, Escalades are even more impressive so gentlemen dont be surprised when that girl who has been shunning you at work decides to go on a date with you so she could ride in your car and impress people.
To the one thing about first position, i read this on twitter and i have never laughed so hard "Nigerian parents always come first position in the class". That's so true, i remember when i was growing up and my parents would tell me how they always came first in class, I always believed them but i also found out that my other friends' parents told them the very same thing, so what position do other people come in class? I believe that this is a positive form of motivation to always see the best in ourselves and strive for the top. This might be a popular nigerian norm but i think this is the best form of positive self motivation.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I am not a Lady Gaga fan like seriously, once a singer is just not like "normal" i don't care much for whatever you decide to sing, i am not listening. But i happened to be at work and took a sudden glance at the Tv and Beyonce was on the screen, she was said to be doing a music video with Lady Gaga and first thing that came to my mind."Oh my goodness, are you kidding me, the world is about to come to an end". Beyonce sold me with a line"This is going to be epic" so I went home and decided to check it out and alas, it was much better than i expected, i like the video for some reason with all the weirdness it had a story to it. Smh. What do you think? I just read that MTV banned the video and i agree some of the scenes were rather too...............

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This is one habit that people have. Texting. Its better than talking, instead of picking up the phone and having that two minute discussion, they would rather text and sometimes a great conversation can also contiune while driving.Anyway after watching so many Scare tactic videos and all, I saw a picture on a friend's wall on facebook. That gave me the creeps, i still have the creeps seeing that man's body divided into half, he is not here to tell the story, i don't know who hit who or who was wrong but right now it makes absolutely no difference. Please don't text and drive and it also applies to me too.